From colorful jewels to natural stones, the wide variety of jewelry options can make it difficult to find a perfect gift for your loved ones. Rings can be worn at all times, carrying around a reminder of the gift-givers love. If you’re looking for something super classy and unique, meteorite rings are just for you.

Meteorites are pieces of comets, meteoroids, or asteroids that pass through the atmosphere to reach the surface of planets or moons. They are estimated to travel at a speed of seven miles per second. Here’s why you should choose a meteorite ring for your next gift:

Unique pattern

The material’s design is made up of alloy bands comprising kamacite and taenite. The natural pattern is known as Widmanstätten and results from the slow cooling of meteorites over millions of years. This causes nickel-iron crystals to grow in a unique pattern that can be compared to the distinctness of snowflakes.

Modest pricing

While the meteorite is even rarer than platinum, it’s surprisingly more affordable. Its pricing is based on the metal of the ring, the amount of meteorite used inside, and other materials in the design.

A single inlay, thinner meteorite rings can cost as low as $400, while rings cast with precious metals and stones go for as high as  $7000 and beyond.


Meteorite is derived from pieces of the core of an extinct planet that died billions of years ago. Even so, the material is extremely resistant and strong because of its metal elements. Iron-nickel makes it durable by itself; inlaying it in hard metals like titanium or tungsten makes it strong enough to last for a very long time.

Caring for a meteorite ring

A real meteorite is magnetic and can rust because of its high iron concentration. While water won’t cause any instant damage, it’s advised to dry it off as soon as possible and avoid getting it wet in the first place. You can prevent rusting by using oil, jewelry protectant spray, or wax to protect the ring and occasionally cleaning and drying the ring out with rubbing alcohol.


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