Natural Stone Jewelry

    Garnet with Infinity Charm Bracelet; January Birthstone Jewelry


    This beautiful handmade bracelet is made with 3.5mm multifaceted garnet beads, strung with deliberated gold beads, and ended with infinity charms. It's perfect to wear it alone or stacked with...

    Opal Bracelet


    This bracelet is made with 3mm multi-faceted opal beads, strung with a heart charm and randomly spaced gold beads; it ends with opal bead as an extender.  It's subtle, elegant...

    Labradorite Bracelet; Natural Gemstone Bracelet


    This handmade bracelet is made with natural labradorite stone beads and strung with gold beads spacers, and end with the labradorite bead extender. It is subtle and elegant. it's perfect...

    Aquamarine Natural Stone Bracelet


    This handmade bracelet is made with 3mm natural aquamarine stone beads and strung with randomly spaced gold beads and rhinestone charm. It ends with the aquamarine stone bead as an...

    Turquoise and Lapis Natural Stone Bracelet; September Birthstone, December Birthstone


    This bracelet is made with 2mm multi-faceted natural Turquoise and Lapis Lazuli stone beads with deliberated gold beads in-between, and ends with a gold star charm for the extender. It's...

    Garnet with Gold Flower Charm Bracelet, January Birthstone Bracelet


    This beautiful bracelet is made with multi-faceted garnet stone beads with a dainty gold flower charm and a garnet bead for the extender. Surely, it'll complement that fire personality and...

    Lapis with Aquamarine Natural Stone Bracelet


    Who doesn't like blue? This electrical blue 3mm lapis stones and Aquamarine stone bracelet will either complement with your office outfits or your blue jeans.  Model Number BR00300100010 Jewelry Sets Type Beaded...

    Colorful Tourmaline Bracelets, Natural Gemstone


    This beautiful bracelet is made with 3mm round-faceted tourmaline beads and strung together with randomly scattered gold beads. it's simple and elegant. It will complement summer dresses beautifully. It's a perfect birthday...

    Bohemian Style Freshwater Pearl Bead Necklace


    This  handmade rainbow color necklace is made with Freshwater pearls and rainbow color beads that are perfect for summer dress and beachwear.  Model Number NK00100600010 Jewelry Sets Type Necklace Main...

    Semi-precious Natural Stone Chakra Necklace


    This Necklace is made with semi-precious irregular stone beads and freshwater pearls. It's a perfect accessary for your summer dresses.  Please note that necklace comes with 34cm stone beads and...

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