Fall is approaching us fast as we gather up our best outfits to make a debut back in society after a long period of isolation. The long time that people have spent indoors has made them much more eager to look their best outside. So how do we spice up fall’s more subtle color palette? Add strategically placed pops of color!

Here’s a list of 4 ways you can add color to your outfit:

1.    Belts

Pull together a vibrant look with a bright-colored belt that draws the eye toward your waist. Enhance your curves and bring your outfit to a whole new level in one go. This works with almost any item of clothing in your closet, as long as it’s a neutral color.

You can also try this with complementary colors for an even more playful look! For example, orange and indigo are opposite on the color wheel, so an orange belt on an indigo dress might be just the pop of color you’re looking for this fall.

2.    Heels

Heels exude femininity and confidence. So why not take it up a notch by making them the main attraction? Pair a single-tone outfit or top-top-bottom neutrals with some bright red heels and draw attention to your legs.

Any kind of shoes would work with this, but the solid, bright colors of heels are usually unmatched by other shoes.

3.    Makeup

What better way to add some color to your look than swiping it artfully across your face? A bold lip can instantly elevate any look. Go for a nice bright contrast in bubblegum pink or a bold shade of red to draw attention to your pout and light up your face.

You can accompany that with some graphic eyeliner in neon shades. Play around with various color palette!

4.    Jewelry

Jewelry can be worn on various parts of your body, making it a super versatile way to add some pops of color. They highlight different parts of your face, hands, and even your feet. You can round up the look with the same colors in delicate pieces all around, or go for bold chunky earrings or bracelets to draw all the attention.

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