Damascus rings appear to be all the rage these days. With their eccentric appearance and uncharacteristic sturdiness, these steel rings offer a pleasant departure from typical men’s wedding bands. 

Here’s how to look after your Damascus ring the right way.

Keep it Out of Water

No ring material does well in water. Some might tolerate brief exposure to specific temperature ranges, but the overarching fact remains: steel and water don’t work well together.

The water may end up expanding the ring sleeve material, cause premature damage to the finish, and end up rusting the steel. So, whenever you take a shower or go for a leisurely swim, put your ring aside or wear a more tolerant replacement.

Bonus Tip: Buy The Cool Guy for the water since titanium rings are more tolerant to warm water and mild soap.

Put the Ring on Last

When getting ready, you might subject your ring to any number of chemicals, from serums to deodorants to colognes. If you’re wearing your ring in the midst of all that, the steel may get tarnished.

To prevent any damage to the integrity and finish of your band, keep your ring tucked away in a drawer to avoid exposing its surface to aerosol. Put it on only after you’re done with your skincare and haircare routine.

Chuck Out the Ultrasonic Cleaner

The ultrasonic cleaner might save you a ton of time with vibrations that dislodge any dirt and contaminants from your ring, but you can simulate the same conditions by putting your ring under a well-pressurized faucet.

While the high force generated by ultrasonic cleaners doesn’t do much short-term harm to Damascus rings, they can dislodge stones from diamond rings or wear out more delicate rings. Since almost all rings are tolerant to warm water and soap, you’re better off controlling the pressure by turning the faucet rather than exposing them to uncontrolled vibrations.

Avoid Harsh Chemicals

Earlier on, we established that exposing your Damascus steel ring to harsh chemicals from hair and skincare products won’t do it any favors. Let’s take it a step further and include all harsh chemicals.

Even if you’re repainting your home, doing a shift at the factory, or working with baking soda in the kitchen, you’re just as likely to tarnish or stain your ring. The rule of thumb for all activities is that you must take off your ring before any heavy lifting; be it for physically heavy or chemically harsh products.

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