From wedding bands to diamond necklaces, no precious adornment is immune to neglect.

Give your jewelry the care it needs by following these pointers.

1.    Use a Nonabrasive Cloth or Brush

Gemstones are highly susceptible to micro scratches that grow more obvious the more you polish them with an abrasive tool.

When polishing your jewels, be sure to use a microfiber or gentle cloth. A brush with harsh bristles or a similar tool to them can do irreparable damage to your jewelry’s appearance, and not to mention, reduce its resale value.

2.    Store Responsibly

Have you ever thought about why a necklace and earrings set comes in a box with separate slots for each piece? Even when jewelry is sold in pouches, the bags for every article are kept separate to reduce the chance of scratching.

To stop jewelry from rubbing against each other, store each piece inside the box they arrived in. You could also keep each piece inside a Ziploc bag if you don’t have a compartmentalized storage system. By doing this, you’ll be able to prolong the lifespan of any sterling silver articles and prevent friendly scratching at the same time.

3.    Maintain Climate Control

Jewelry can be highly sensitive to sunlight, temperature, and lack of moisture. While climate isn’t something any of us can control, we can ensure not to expose our jewels to the sun for extend time. By doing this, we’ll be preventing the sun from evaporating the gem’s moisture, which may very well lead to discoloration.

It’s also important to maintain the surroundings of your gems. For instance, by making sure the cleaning solution is at room temperature, you’ll be preserving the strength and integrity of your stones.

4.    Gentleness is Key

You can also practice gemstone jewelry care when putting it on, not so much for wearing it down as stopping your precious gems from getting dislodged. So, grip the setting, not the stones, as much as possible.

For example, press around the earring when putting it on. Similarly, push the ring on your finger by the plain areas on the band instead of the jeweled ones. Pushing on the gems only presses them against the claws holding them together. When these claws come loose, it’s only a matter of time before your stones follow suit.

5.    Schedule a Biannual Inspection

At the start of this blog, we talked about how everything needs proper care and attention. Now that we have covered the “care” part, it’s time to discuss the nature of “attention” gemstone jewelry requires.

From sterling silver earrings to ruby stone necklaces, take anything that qualifies as authentic jewelry to a professional jeweler every six months. Have them inspect the stones and metal for any degradation and get all loose fixtures tightened.

Now that you know what it takes to maintain precious stone and metal, head over to I-ZARA Jewelry’s website and feast your eyes on the natural gemstone necklaces, meteorite rings, sterling silver necklaces, freshwater pearl pendants, and other jewelry that we have for sale.

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