Damascus Rings

    Unique designs coupled with vibrant colors and fun textures make our Damascus ring collection truly one-of-a-kind. We understand men often get overlooked by jewelry designers and stores, but our Damascus rings are crafted for aesthetics, comfort, and luxury.

    Our Damascus steel ring with rock hammer finishing sports a hammered exterior with beveled edges. It symbolizes the strength and bond of your relationship and is an ideal option for a wedding band.

    We also have a Damascus steel ring with a jade wood inlay that keeps the design elements quite minimal, but the sturdy construction and finishing make it stand out.

    Lastly, we’ve also added a rose gold Damascus steel ring for men in our collection for those wanting something a little more eye-catching without compromising style and comfort.

    Damascus Steel Ring with Jade Wood Inlay


    This 8mm Damascus Steel ring has a acid finish and a JADE WOOD interior inlay. The Damascus steel symbolizes strength and bond. It’s ideal choice for a wedding band. Damascus...

    Damascus Steel Ring with Rock Hammer Finish


    This rock hammered Damascus  Steel ring get their color from soaking in an acid bath that adds texture to the surface of the ring. As it is impossible to predict how...

    14k Rose Gold Damascus Steel Ring


    This 8mm 14k rose gold plated Damascus steel ring has a silver tone and grooved dome top design.  Each ring is handcrafted with folded metals and natural wood grains to...

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