Jewelry can do more than just looking fabulous on your body. The composition of metals can affect your skin along with your style. You could consider more than just the outward appearance of your next ring or bracelet when picking out an everyday piece of jewelry.

Consider what metal is most affordable to you, how it feels when you wear it, and how much maintenance it needs to keep looking good. Some items are composed of purely core materials which are covered with a plating of some other material, while some are composed of alloys.

Here are some of the best metals you can wear on a daily basis:

1.    Platinum

This precious metal was a popular choice of metal for jewelry in the early 20th century. After being taken out of the market during times of war, it’s been rising in popularity and is one of the top choices in wedding bands, engagement rings, and other jewelry.

It has a natural white shine that doesn’t change its color or oxidize over time. It stays bright without needing to be polished and doesn't fade, making it a good symbol to portray everlasting love.

It’s a softer metal than gold while also being more durable. Scratches on the platinum surface cause it to move and create a patina finish, making it look vintage.

2.    Titanium

Titanium is extremely lightweight in jewelry and boasts of being the hardest natural metal in the world. Its durability and light weight make it the perfect choice to wear everyday.

It has a silvery-white color in appearance and is hypoallergenic, which makes it safe to wear without any allergic reactions. It’s not scratch resistant whatsoever and shows signs of wear and tear rather easily. But it’s nothing that a bit of polishing can’t fix! 

It’s usually used for men’s jewelry but is becoming more popular as a choice for women as well.

3.    Sterling silver

Sterling silver items must comprise at least 92.5% of pure silver. Due to it being an alloy, it’s harder than pure silver but still gets scratched fairly easily. It’s available in a larger range of colors, such as bright white or grayish white, and can have both matte and shiny finishes.

Silver tarnishes rather easily, so it’s best to keep them in a cool, dry place and remove tarnishes with a silver cloth.


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