Pearls are a woman's best friend. Once only accessible to the affluent, pearls were a symbol of power, royalty, and wealth.

Whether you're wearing a simple tee or a cocktail dress, pearls instantly provide an elegance that no other piece of jewelry can. They've not gone out of style for centuries, and they sure will not do now: From Cleopatra to Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's, they have continued to dazzle every woman's fantasy.

Here is how you can use your string of pearls to bring out the best in you and your outfit.

At Work

Whether you work in an office or at a school, pearls go well with formal clothing. Wear a single-strand white pearl  necklace with something slim-fitting, buttoned, or a V-shaped blouse/dress to bring out your pearls.

Daytime Wear

That's the thing about pearls; you can wear them every day without overdoing it! Get a double-strand pearl necklace and wear it with your jeans, sundress, tees wherever you go. For a more elegant look, choose pastels and pair them up with a pearl necklace.

Formal Evening Events

Evenings and pearls are a match made in heaven. You can go for a simple single-strand pearl necklace and pearl earrings, or choose something multi-strand pearl necklace; whatever you use, you'll make a statement. Pair them up with a long sleek dress, high heels, and a small purse to carry around.

For a Minimalistic Look

Are you a minimalist? Pearls are the perfect jewelry to go along with your outfits then! You can choose white or black pearls for a simple look. They're available in necklaces, pearl drops, studs, and even bracelets. Wear neutral colors and let the pearls make you stand out.


For that practical attire, grab a string of pearls to add in a little glam. When you have absolutely no time for makeup or a fancy dress, just wear something plain and pair it up with pearl-drop earrings for a casual but classy look.

Pop of Fun

Do you know pearls come in a variety of colors? Pink, golden, rainbow shades, black! If you have so much choice, why not go for a dramatic look, heavy makeup, and contrasting colors?

For a Refined Look

Want to go all opulent and glammed up? Choose a choker or a triple strand pearl, grab a plain black dress and paint those lips red. Wear pearl studs, a pearl bracelet, and voila! You're fit for a fancy dinner date. Want to take it up further? Style your hair with pearls, or choose pearl-buttoned gloves for a vintage vibe.

Bohemian Style

If bohemian is your style, and geometric prints are your love, then don those bold hues, comfy sandals and throw in a long strand of pearls to get you going. For a more summery look, add in a crossbody bag, and you're complete!

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