When you’re in love, every milestone is its own Valentine’s Day. Opt for gemstone jewelry to mark the occasion.

I-ZARA Jewelry just so happens to have you covered for the next five Valentine’s.

Buy jewelry online for the special someone in your life.

Infinity Heart Pendant

We love the infinity sign that our infinity heart pendant makes when its setting twists and drops into a heart-shaped pendant of orange-red zirconia surrounded by a gold infinity shaped strip that’s covered with diamonds on one side and kept plain on the other.

It’s also available in two other stones in Rhodium over a sterling silver strip: one is a radiant aquamarine, and the other, a cool apple-green.

Double Heart Pendant

Our double heart pendants are perfect for a new relationship. They’re pretty, shiny, and light—both weight and cost-wise. One of the pendants consists of a white gold heart and the other, a heart inlaid with cubic zirconia stones.

In both instances, these hearts are intertwined with a second, plain heart to signify a new tomorrow, or perhaps, a meaningful present now that there’s a meaningful person in your life.

Sterling Silver Infinity Pearl Necklace

Our sterling silver pearl pendant has a chain-link necklace with an infinity pendant. Unlike the previously mentioned Infinity Heart Pendant features heart, this one features

a pearl resting within the bottom loop of the diamond-encrusted vertical infinity sign. The special thing about this necklace is that you don’t have to present it to a romantic partner; you could just as easily surprise a bestie or parent with this infinity loop Pearl symboizes wisdom and is believed to attract luck, wealth, and balance.

Freshwater Pearl Studs

We have the perfect thing for those of you looking beyond necklaces. Our Freshwater Pearl Heart Stud Earrings are the prettiest adornment for your partner’s ears.

They carry a single freshwater pearl wrapped within a sterling silver strip with a Rhodium finish. There’s more; about a quarter of the bottom strip is encrusted with microdiamonds,with a single microdiamond resting on the opposite side. Simple yet elegant, and the perfect way to mark an anniversary.

Stainless Steel Charm Bracelet

Can we get two cheers for our Stainless Steel Angelwing Heart Charm Bracelet that you can get in a glinting silver or a charming rose gold color?

Two angel wings come together and form a heart in the charm for this beautiful and playful chain-link bracelet. It’s delicate, light, easy-to-wear, and comfortable enough for your working lady-love.

Take it Up a Notch with a Natural Gemstone Bracelet from I-ZARA Jewelry

I-ZARA Jewelry has an extensive collection of natural stone jewelry, featuring lovely pieces like the Garnet with Infinity Charm Bracelet and Opal Bracelet with a tiny, gold heart charm.

Apart from individual articles, you can also browse our necklace and earrings sets to make your special day extra special.

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