Wearing the right earrings with any dress can add to your grace and beauty. But with so many options, choosing the right earrings can be difficult.

If you’re confused about selecting the right earrings with a dress or choosing a single earring to wear daily, you have come to the right place!

This blog will help you choose the right earring for your daily outfit!

1- Different Earrings for Different Occasions

You might have one pair of statement earrings that you wear to every party or dinner, but it’s time to shake things up a bit!

Of course, you won’twear long silver hoop earrings to an office meeting. We suggest you stock different types of earrings for each occasion. If you’re headed to a party, rock some elegant, long bejeweled earrings. If you’re going in for a meeting, minimal diamond or pearlstuds are the ideal choice!

2- Keep It Minimal

As minimal makeup and natural hairdos are trending this season, so is minimal jewelry. Unless you’re going to the Met Gala, there is no need for you to adorn those tassels or over-the-top dangly earrings.

Select simple and small earrings for most of your events, as they would let your dress do all the talking!

3- Match the Dress

Wearing a navy blue top and matching it with yellow earrings? It’s time for you to up your fashion game!

One of the best tips to select the right earrings is to opt for earring that match your dress. Wear diamond earrings with a black evening gown. Wear vibrant crystals with a white outfit to add a pop of color. Wearing matching drop earrings would bring attention to both your dress and earrings.

4- Mix and Match

While we advise you to keep it minimal and safe most of the time, the routine can get boring. According to fashionistas, everything is in fashion when it comes to earrings. You can mix and match earrings too.

Try wearing one earring of one pair with another earring of another pair. If you have multiple ear piercings, you can wear different types (studs, hoops or huggies) of earrings in each one of them. Try wearing small stud earrings in the upper piercings and large statement earrings in the lower ones.

5- Consider Your Shape Face

Another important thing that fashion artists advise you to do is to always consider your face shape before selecting an earring pair. Small studs and cuffs suit more on oval-shaped faces.

Climbers also suit oval or pear-shaped faces as they help emphasize the horizontal angles of the face.

On the other hand, people with diamond-shaped faces, or with wide cheekbones should wear long, dangly earrings. People who have heart-shaped faces, with a wide forehead, should also wear long dangly earrings or tassels.

Get the Right Pair of Earrings

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