Chakra is an ancient concept of Hinduism, which is used in various medication and healing processes. Western fashion outlets have recently started using Chakra jewelry and natural gemstones, but it has been worn in ancient India for centuries.

Do you know that wearing chakra gemstones also has various benefits? Not only does it add poise to your everyday outfits, but it also offers mental, physical, and spiritual health benefits. Here’s what you need to know about gemstones and Chakra jewelry.

What are The Seven Chakras?

According to ancient Hindu traditions, seven focal points or chakras on the body attract energy. These seven parts are:

  • Crown chakra is located on the top of your head. It represents the spiritual connection. Gemstones such as quartz, selenite, and diamond help with expanding the crown chakra.
  • The third eye chakra is on the forehead between the eyebrows. It represents the focus of a person. To improve the focus and third eye chakra, you should wear stones like amethyst and obsidian.
  • The throat chakra is located at the base of a person’s neck. It represents communication power. If a person wears gemstones like turquoise and aquamarine, the throat chakra will open to its full potential.
  • The heart chakra is located at the center of the chest. It represents a person’s power to spread love. Wearing gemstones like jade and rose quartz increases the power of the heart Chakra.
  • The solar plexus chakra covers the entire stomach. This chakra represents confidence. Using jewelry having the tiger eye and citrine can increase a person’s confidence and control.
  • Sacral chakra represents sexuality and relations with other people. It’s located below the navel. If you wear carnelian and amber, Sacral chakra will open to its full potential.
  • Root Chakra is located at the bottom of the spine, and it represents life and foundation. Using jewelry with garnet and obsidian can improve the Root Chakra.

Scroll down to read all the benefits of Chakra jewelry.

1- Removes Stress

The biggest benefit of wearing a chakra necklace or bracelet is that it provides a calming sense to your body and brain. Jewelry that focuses on the seven chakras of the body can help relieve stress.

This is why chakra jewelry is said to calm the body’s senses and nerves and help with mental health issues such as stress and depression.

2- Organizes Thoughts

Aside from removing stress, another huge benefit of wearing Chakra jewelry is to gain more control over your thoughts. Chakra jewelry helps people organize their thoughts to face situations with more power and determination.

Chakra Jewelry also absorbs positive energy from the environment and transmits it to the body. The energy helps open blocked nodes in the body. With organized thoughts, a person can learn more and discover their true self.

3- Boosts Confidence

Another huge benefit of wearing Chakra jewelry is that it allows you to feel more confident. It would cleanse your mind and senses and give you better communication skills, so you feel more validated in who you’re.

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