Crystals are more than just decorative pieces used in jewelry. They are also used in many ancient healing and medication processes. According to researchers, crystals have healing effects on the body and mood.

But there might be a lot of other facts that you don’t know about crystals. In this blog, we discuss the less-known facts about crystals. Scroll down and be ready to get surprised!

1- Crystals Can Grow

You might be shocked to read this but the crystal pendant on your necklace is a living organism. Most people believe that crystals are decorative rocks but this notion is far from the truth. Crystals are natural organisms with minerals that grow together in clusters. This is why these are called inorganic living organisms.

But unlike most living things, crystals don’t grow from the inside. Instead, they grow when matching molecules are deposited from the outside. Crystal unit cells don’t grow as a living cell, but they continue growing when similar molecules come together.

2- Crystals Store Information

Another surprising fact about crystals is that they contain information. But what kind of information exactly?

Crystals such as some forms of quartz and seed crystals have unique messages that are stored in their crystalline. The messages are conveyed during meditation. This is why these crystals are used in many healing and personal transformation processes.

Scientists can also decode the minuscule information present inside crystals through special optical laser devices.

3- Crystals Transmit and Absorb Lights

Some people might already know this, but let us tell you about this in detail. Crystals can absorb and transmit light. Light is the biggest form of energy in the universe, and by absorbing this energy, crystals can transmit this energy to the receivers.

This is why crystals are used in so many healing processes. They can easily restore energy inside a body through their energy restoration properties.

4- The Color of a Crystal Determines Its Type

In jewelry-making processes, the color of a crystal matters a lot. But that’s not the only place where it is taken into consideration. The color is an important characteristic of any crystal. It is the color of a crystal that determines the purpose of the stone. Based on these colors, the crystals are used in the chakra or the healing process.

For example, clear and white crystals are used in healing processes to clear and purify thoughts. This brings mental clarity to the person wearing the crystal.

5- Crystals Should Be Cleansed Before Wearing

Wearing a crystal might add to the lavish look, but there are certain steps you must take before wearing a crystal.

One of them is cleansing the crystal before wearing it. The crystal absorbs the energy around them. Cleansing allows the crystal to get rid of all the negative energy. After cleansing, the crystal will return to its original energy state.

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