It’s rarely easy to get a gift for someone, let alone teenagers. The task can be a bit daunting especially if your perceived coolness is on the line. Teenage years seem to fly by pretty fast, but the amount of growth achieved in each makes every birthday extra special.

Here are some wonderful gifts that are sure to appease a teen:

Temporary tattoos

If you’ve noticed Sharpie decor on your teen’s body, they’re probably experimenting with tattoo placement or thinking about designs for getting inked eventually. You can support your teen with the idea and give them something a little less permanent than an actual tattoo.

These designs last 1-2 weeks and give lots of freedom to apply anywhere you want, while playing around with different ideas and sizes to get inspiration for the perfect final tattoo design.

Skincare kit

With the boom in the skincare industry and relevant information so easily available online, teens these days no longer rely solely on some cold cream and ice cubes to make their skin glow.

Teach your teens to show some love to their skin and instill the good habit of proper upkeep with a customizable skincare kit. Get items with good SPF for all the days they hangout under the burning sun and lots of vitamin C to keep their skin glowing and fresh. Choose a light moisturizer and cleanser according to their skin types and you’re good to go!

Travel-sized photo printer

Mini photo printers are the new and improved version of Polaroid cameras. While those are still in style, photo printers for smartphones are just a different level of cool.  The printer can connect to multiple devices at once via Bluetooth.

Your teen can spruce up their room with all their pictures with their friends and loved ones!

Paint set

Paint sets are back in style with a variety of paints and pastels for any artistic teenager to fall in love with. Encourage your teens to express themselves with art or just use it as a passive hobby or healthy means to unwind from the stress of going through puberty.

Personalized jewelry

Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to jewelry, so take a note on what your teen prefers to wear or research about what kind of jewelry would work best with the clothes in their closet.

You can go for zodiac jewelry with gemstones based on their star signs, or pendants with initials of their name, or just chunky statement pieces that they can wear on a night out. Charm bracelets are forever in style, and rings can make for a good everyday piece that helps them carry your love around in physical form.

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