Jewelry is a great accessory to any outfit, and knowing how to style yourself with tasteful pieces ensures that you always look best with minimum effort.

With so many jewelry pieces readily available in the market, it gets confusing for people to know how to best express themselves through the accessories they buy. Fear not! Here are some tips that will help you put your beautiful jewelry collection to good use.

Style With Office Wear

A common misconception that women have is that jewelry should only be confined to special events and parties when wearing a dress or need to be glammed up. The truth is, knowing how to style with your jewelry also means knowing how to wear them with your wordrobe or what jewelry pieces go in what environment.

When you’re wearing formal clothes in a corporate environment, drop earrings or huge pearl necklaces may look very gaudy and unprofessional. However, a tastefulsterling silver pendant necklace with a light gem or small pearl earrings can accentuate your look and make you appear professional!

Statement Pieces

Are you someone who always wants the best the world has to offer? Gorgeous jewelry that has unique gemstones or is made of hard-to-acquire material should be a staple in your growing collection.

Unique jewelry pieces like meteorite rings, and Damascus ringsare a must-have for anyone that likes to wear eccentric pieces. It’s a great way to display not only your unique choice, but also your fun personality. Plus, wearing not-so-classic pieces is a great conversation starter since everyone will want to know where you got your jewelry from.

Memory Placement

If you’re a sucker for holding onto sentimental values, then buying jewelry before a big trip should be on top of your travel essentials. Wearing jewelry pieces during special moments automatically attaches the memory of that moment to what you wear, which is a great way to preserve memories.

You can buy a necklace that you wear on a summer trip, and then anytime you see that piece in your collection, you are taken back to a beautiful time in your life. Plus, it makes for a great story that you can share with friends and family!

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