Throughout history, jewelry has had various significance and symbolism attached to it. People would wear amulets to ward off illnesses, then as a symbol of good luck, and eventually as a status symbol.

And while it’s still displayed as a form of wealth, jewelry has become massively accessible to people, and its meaning for society has once again changed. So, what importance does jewelry hold for today’s modern women, and how has their attitude changed towards it?

Less Is More

Long gone are the days where you had to be decked in expensive jewelry from head to toe to be deemed as someone of importance. Now, understated designs which showcase minimalism with authentic gemstones hold more importance over gaudy designs that take up unnecessary space.

Women nowadays aren’t going to shell out their money for multiple small pieces. Now, they prefer investing their money into a few tasteful designs that work best for them for various occasions. This means that there are higher expectations from today’s jewelers!

Not Just Worthy of Gifts

The tradition of just getting jewelry from spouse or parents is slowly dying. .The ‘treat yourself’ culture has taken a rise, and now women don’t feel the need to wait until Valentine’s Day or their birthday to get an expensive present.  Instead, they’ll manage to splurge and buy  anything  their hear desires..

Sentimental Value

Whether it’s wearing a family heirloom or purchasing similar pieces of jewelry that hold sentimental value,  It’s the sentiment that counts the most. Valentine’s, anniversaries, and wedding rings especially, are highly regarded as sentimental and romantic in nature.

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