Choosing the right jewelry for every occasion is as important as choosing the right dress — you wouldn't go to a wedding wearing a swimsuit, would you?

Your jewelry speaks a lot about you; it represents your style and your taste.

Here are a few tips to help you wear the right kind of jewelry for every occasion:

Everyday Life

Some pieces of jewelry can be worn every day and go with almost anything. These include wedding rings, delicate pendants, a light bracelet, or a family heirloom. Though all these pieces compliment your dress, they should also set in right with your skin tone. If you have warm undertones, go for gold jewelry; if you have colder undertones, go for silver or rose gold.

Girls Night Out

This is the perfect time to experiment with your jewelry collection. Go with whatever you're in the mood for — statement pieces that sparkle the night away or long layered necklaces that are visible from afar. It's totally up to you!

Date Night

Date night jewelry has to be carefully planned. You want to look elegant, yet not come off as a stuck-up prude. How do you choose then? Go for pieces that work with your features and accentuate them. Pearl drop earrings will highlight any color eyes, while a light necklace will draw attention to your collarbones. Choose simple bracelets alongside, and you're good to go!

Casual Hangouts

Throw on your favorite t-shirt and jeans, wear some large gold hoop earrings, layer some bracelets and necklaces, and vibe out!

Special Occasions

If you're going to a party, first decide on what you'll wear. Once you know what you'd be wearing, choose jewelry that doesn't clash with your dress, neckline, or sleeves.

For Work

Don't go for anything noisy (no stacked-up bulky bracelets); instead, choose subtle necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. Try layering your necklaces or wearing simple and elegant pieces that goes with your professional outfit.

For Weddings

Weddings are formal and traditional. This is where you get to wear your heavy, chunky jewelry pieces!  Of course, I don’t meant to say gaudy chunky piece, I meant chunky pieces that’ll accentuate your collar bone, and exhibit elegance --shimmery, heavy, bold that makes you feel mighty and confident.

Seasonal Jewelry

Seasons and jewelry go hand in hand. Choose florals and bright colors for spring and summer, while pearls and stone studded pieces are for winters.

For Gifts

So you want to give someone jewelry? Check your budget but also keep the person and their personality in mind. Some emeralds, sapphires, or pearls will do the trick. They aren't very costly, but they make great gifts.

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